I was asked by one of the biggest networker marketers in the U.S. and the owner to help build this business.  I am working direct with the owner.  This is bigger than anything, it took 3 years to get this business ready.  A group of Corporate Executives, Lawyers and Network Marketers in the USA, Canada, and the UK made sure the model was expendable, scalable and the I's are dotted and T's are crossed.   This is the biggest opportunity I have seen in the 14+ years I have been associated with network marketing.

Listen to this short call and get back to me.

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Sherry Dossey
Skype ID:  sherry.dossey
If you are a Network Marketering Leader and open to new ideas, we have a great opportunity.  We are looking for Team Leaders right now that would like to start and help build a great company.  We are a Global opportunity and Top leaders in their own countries could even have the opportunity to run and override their countries.  We are going to get huge bonuses, stock options  and a lot more.  Share in all the profits of many different businesses.  Get profits from sales on TV.  This business model is how traditional businesses make their profits and how Millionaires have become Billionaires.  What runs our entire Global Economy Is the foundation of This Business Model.  This is almost too incredible to explain.  But it Is real.
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